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Lyrics Audio is a company that has been trading for over 45 years with tenacity, professionalism and high competence.

Lyrics Audio sells new packaged products, as supplied by the manufacturers or distributors Italian. All warranties are underwritten by you with domestic suppliers, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can replace the product within 10 days of purchase, with another available from us.

A large exposure awaits you in our theaters, speakers, hi-fi, turntable from the best brands, cd players, tube amps and all that you expect from a company like ours. Of this passion we will do our strong point.

The best Hi-Fi brands have chosen us and there is a reason. The difference between us and others? We have really the products that we sell, we do not sell smoke and you do not wait forever to have your jewel. Our shop is beating like the heart of a music fan, and we feel at home.

The purchase price is always the best currently on the market

The goods are shipped by courier, and we guarantee the delivery. For major purchases, it will be of our technicians, deliver and install in the home and purchased all over Italy without further expense.

The reason for such a low price 

Our proposals sales are part of a carefully planned schedule for long life: we do not exist improvisations! The large volume of products marketed by us, allows us to obtain favorable prices from suppliers, over which we want to make money, to make benefit only to the final consumer. If you speak ill of our prices, this is only because you are not in a position to practice and shall be decided on spurious grounds, to generate suspicions about the transparency of the way we operate.

Our answer

The merchandise that we offer you is the exact same, with the same guarantees as the official Italian distributor that others pay more, and is purchased by us wisely through the usual trade routes of free competition. Therefore, any inference, it is only the result of the impossibility of making sales on our terms.

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